Suffolk & North East Essex Integrated Care System

Suffolk & North East Essex Integrated Care System

In Suffolk and North East Essex we are genuinely ‘Can Do’ in the way that we work together as a local health and care system.

Our primary ambition is enabling ’Health Equality for Everyone’ and as a system we are continually ‘Thinking Differently Together’, with an approach thatStarts with Why?’.

We are moving away from using performance targets as the measure of our system success, towards a far more powerful context that places families and communities at the heart of what we do. We believe that the markers of how well our system is working should be ‘whole system’, for example school readiness or preventing teenagers from developing eating disorders; protecting adults who are at risk of homelessness; supporting our elderly from being alone or becoming isolated.

We believe that as a system we also need to work positively on the wider determinants of health, whether that is social issues, deprivation, inequalities or mental health, for example. One-off interventions by specialists are no longer enough, we need to enable people to effectively manage their own lives and health and to help each other. We know that this means moving beyond individual health and care organisations working alone, to working together in an integrated way because that is the best route to helping people to thrive.

Together we are passionate in our conviction that we must encourage and develop leadership across our system to deliver genuinely integrated care in our communities. It is in this way that we will enable people to have the courage and imagination to think differently and make a positive impact for everyone. Our system is underpinned by increasingly strong and positive relationships between local health and care leaders, courageous joint action to address problems when they emerge and a genuine ‘Can Do’ attitude that enables meaningful partnership and integrated thinking and working at every level of our local health and care system.

Join the conversation

Join our next TDT discussion on 18 May

Our upcoming Thinking Differently Together event asks, “What will it take to create a genuinely equal, diverse and inclusive workforce in health and care?” Our panel of experts discuss ways to address this urgent issue. There is no need to register. Instead, use the Teams link in the agenda and join the discussion Wednesday, 18 May, 3-5 pm.

‘Walk the Talk’ 2022 film competition

The new ICS film competition has been launched. This year’s theme is ‘Walk the Talk’. Send us your two-minute films sharing your experiences of local health and care that can inspire us and help us understand how we can truly ‘Walk the Talk’ as a ‘Can Do Health and Care’ system. Read how to enter the competition.


‘Can Do Health and Care’ Expo 1 July 2022


Registration to attend our Expo2022 is now open.  Join us for a day-long event which explores from ‘Thinking Differently Together’ to Doing Differently Together’.

TDT report – The first 1,000 days of life: Part 1 NOW AVAILABLE

14063 CANDO HEALTH Thinking Differently Together Event Tile First 1000 Days NO LINK

Read the report from our last Thinking Differently Together (TDT) event focused on ‘The first 1,000 days of life’ (the first in a two-part series on Maternity). The workshop led by Rachel Heathcock, East of England Local Government Association, along with a panel of experts, examined the experience of children and families during this crucial period. Presentations include: ‘The best start in life starts at preconception’; ‘The epigenetics of pregnancy and impact of childbirth’; ‘The importance of involving partners’ and ‘Compassion Fatigue: the challenges for staff’. Download the report for free.


Our three local alliances

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Thinking Differently Together about…

Personalised Care

Thinking Differently Together about…

Trauma Informed Care

Thinking Differently Together about…

Long Covid

Thinking Differently Together about…

The first 1,000 days of life : Part 1

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