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Good Homes

Population Outcomes: People in Suffolk and North East Essex have Good Homes

Good quality housing has a substantial impact on health; a warm, dry and secure home is associated with better health. Having a good home is having a home that gives some security of tenancy, is free from physical hazards, free from cold and damp and is not of such a high cost that it creates poverty.


Barometer Measure

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Housing Tenure

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The Story Behind the Outcome


Hidden Homeless In Essex

This report explores the health, care and wellbeing needs of prisoners, prison leavers and ex-offenders.

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Living with mould in North East Essex

This report explores the experiences of people living with mould in North East Essex.

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Why it is so important that landlords and the Council work together

With the cost-of-living crisis bringing challenges to households, the Council’s work to support landlords and their tenants, has never been so important.

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Published Evidence

Safe Homes

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The Health Costs of Poor Housing

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Further Reading

Our Ambition

What we know matters and why

What matters?Why?
I have a home and security of tenureHomelessness is a major risk to health and life expectancy.

People should not experience housing discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, disability, sexuality, income or any other factors.
I have a comfortable and accessible home, safe from hazards and harmsA healthy home is safe to move around and safe from risk of fire, toxins and crime.

Safe neighbourhoods have low levels of pollution and low crime rates.
I have a warm home that is affordable to heatBeing able to be warm at home prevents ill-health and enables me to stay well.
I have privacy and space to call my ownSufficient privacy for everyone and space to do schoolwork or work from home enables me to feel well.
I have a home that can adapt to my needsI have a home that can adapt to my needs

How will things be different in Suffolk and North East Essex

We will work together to prevent homelessness and to ensure people have access to a safe, healthy home with enough space and privacy for everyone and security of tenure.We will support people to access the benefits, grants and other entitlements to enable them to live in a warm home
We will highlight and tackle housing discrimination experienced by the people who use our services.We will contribute to community safety measures that protect people’s health and wellbeing.
We will ensure people with disabilities and long term health conditions have the equipment, adaptations and technology they need to live safely in their home and in their community.

Case Studies – how we are making progress across Suffolk & North East Essex

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Relevant plans and strategies

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Page last updated: March 2023

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