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Where services are located, the choice of services offered and the environment in which care is delivered can enhance or reduce people’s personal health and wellbeing. Creating an estate where more people can access services at the right time, in the right place and be seen by the right person therefore supports people to improve their lives;

  • Providing ease of access to services that maintain health and  wellbeing including acute, primary, community, mental  health, voluntary, and leisure
    as close to home as possible
  • Providing treatment in environments that ensure privacy and dignity are protected
  • Taking views into account when an estates scheme is being  developed
  • Being confident that as our population increases over time,  our estate can meet the population needs
  • Ensuring that our buildings are safe, efficient and well  maintained
  • Enabling appointments with health and care professionals in a timely manner using a method of their choice

The Suffolk and North East Essex ICS utilises a large and varied estate to deliver health services. The estate consists of buildings and land for GP surgeries, large hospitals delivering acute care, smaller community hospitals and centres where health and community services co-locate. The size of the estate comprises over 252 properties, covering an area equivalent to approximately 140 full sized football pitches at 85 hectares. In working together as a system and thinking differently, we have the opportunity to use this large estate to support the transformation of services, bringing health and social care together for the community in a more integrated way and at the same time make cost savings and efficiencies.

What progress has been made as a system so far?

Our ICS submitted the Estates Workbook (also known as an Estates Strategy) to NHS England in Summer 2018. The Workbook was graded ‘strong’ in November 2018 (one of only 3 in the country to achieve this top rating). We are also delighted to have been successful in achieving £128.5m in capital funding since 2017. Outlined below is a selection of our capital funded schemes which demonstrate how we will deliver our vision and support the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan.

The Story Behind the Ambition

Lived Experience


Using community hospitals effectively

Disabled parking

Accessible buildings


Clean premises

Section description goes here

Disabled parking

Section description goes here

Community-based healthcare

Section description goes here

Case Studies

Acute Hospital Reconfigurations

Primary & Community Care estate developments

We are delivering Estates Efficiencies

Disposal of NHS surplus land and property

Section description goes here

Meeting the future demand from an increasing population

Section description goes here

Using Estates to help with workforce challenges

Section description goes here

Digital and the Estate

Section description goes here

Reducing the NHS carbon footprint

Section description goes here

East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust new vehicles

Section description goes here

Ownership and management of NHS properties

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Relevant plans and strategies


NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board
Joint Forward Plan

Last Updated on 15 January 2024

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