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Knowledge and Intelligence

Knowledge and Intelligence

Intelligence covers using data, and particularly integrated data, in a more effective way helps us understand problems and develop ways of using data to inform our approach to management of health conditions; using predictive risk factors that help to prevent disease, increase early detection and provide insights that can support better decision-making

Knowledge services incorporate having access to robust evidence and information to support local health surveillance, needs assessment, critical appraisal of evidence, comparing outcomes, knowledge management, library and knowledge services, and reviewing health equity. Services and tools that provide this are spread across both local and national public sector organisations, some of which are specific to Suffolk and North East Essex

Our Mission statement

A system-wide, multi-disciplinary analytical collaborative that produces high-quality, locally tailored intelligence from data analytics, to enable leaders at all levels of the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System to make decisions informed by evidence when planning and delivering care.​

SNEE Intelligence Function Logo

Who we are

An analytical collaborative across health and care

The SNEE Intelligence Function is a partnership of analytical teams across health and care organisations in the Integrated Care System, facilitated by a ‘hub’ of data analysts in Suffolk County Council and the Integrated Care Board.

We form ‘virtual’ teams of data analysts to work together to answer challenging questions of common interest to all partners in the Integrated Care System.

What we do

A focus on generating actionable insights from data

We deliver healthcare intelligence from data analysis that helps us understand problems relating to integrated care policy, strategy and delivery. We combine quantitative and qualitative insights across the health and care system to ensure there is a clear evidence base for decision making.  Our role includes:

  • Providing advanced analytical capabilities, including data science, statistical forecasting, and modelling
  • Providing insights on population health and enabling a population health management approach to the commissioning and delivery of healthcare
  • Providing an evidence review function to undertake evaluation and health economic analysis
  • Undertaking several ‘deep dive’ analytical projects each year to provide detailed insights on key problem areas
  • Offering analytical leadership and coordination across the system to support the development of the community of data professionals
  • Working with the Offices for Data Analytics in Essex and Suffolk County Councils to enable analysis of wider determinants of health

Knowledge Services

Useful Links

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Case Studies

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Demand and capacity

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End of Life

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Last Updated on 24 January 2024

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