Suffolk & North East Essex Integrated Care System

How we work as Alliances

Local ‘place-based’ systems of care involve multiple partnerships, including NHS organisations and the local government, working together to provide integrated care across organisational boundaries to improve the health and wellbeing of their populations. In Suffolk and North East Essex ICS there are three ‘place-based’ systems of care called Alliances.

Our three Alliances are ‘North East Essex’, ‘West Suffolk’ and ‘Ipswich and East Suffolk’, with each defined by the footprint of local health and care partners as well as natural geography, developing differently according to local circumstances. As in neighbourhoods, Alliances need to act as a three- dimensional model interpreting need in many ways. The Alliances provide the focus for planning and delivering meaningful integrated care and services to the local population with partners working closely with the voluntary and community sector, independent sector organisations and communities.

Alliances provide the focus for:
  • System and service transformation across sectors
  • Securing and delivering integration
  • Ensuring clinical engagement
  • Relationship development and management
  • Ensuring the principles of good system governance are embedded
  • Reducing health and social inequalities across each Alliance
  • Producing and resourcing a detailed plan to deliver the overarching strategy
  • Ensuring public involvement in the planning, development, design, priority setting and decisions
  • Demonstrating accountability to Alliance members, local people, stakeholders, and regulators
  • Ensuring continuous improvement and innovation in the quality and delivery of services
  • Ensuring the delivery of high quality, safe and caring services
  • Ensuring good financial management, financial governance and value for money

Our Alliances engage in a range of activities to develop solutions for their local populations:

Public Involvement
  • Working with citizens to understand the wellbeing, social and healthcare needs of the local population
  • Creating, growing and developing solutions to improve outcomes for the local population
  • Co-producing outcomes to reflect the lived experience
Reducing Health and Social Inequalities/ Population Health/Planning
  • Assessing the wellbeing, social and healthcare needs of the local population
  • Conducting strategic planning across local population; identifying opportunities for transformation and improvement
  • Developing and implementing delivery plans
  • Shared decision making
  • Undertaking procurement where required, and manage ongoing contractual arrangements
  • Local financial management
Continuous Improvement/Innovation
  • Reviewing and redesigning local services
  • Working collectively to shape and deliver improvements collectively
  • Using innovation including digital solutions to enable system change and improve outcomes for the local population
  • Responsibility for local service provision. Those defined as Specialised Services may be commissioned at system level, but delivery will remain at provider-led alliance level
  • Managing risk – finance, quality and performance
  • Holding colleagues to account
  • Working with system partners to align and integrate service delivery across sectors to create efficiencies in practice and improve outcomes for the local population
  • Building and managing relationships across the Alliance network
  • Working as part of the ICS to inform and deliver systems ambitions
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Suffolk & North East Essex Integrated Care System
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