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West Suffolk Alliance

In September 2016 health and care partners formed the West Suffolk Alliance. We have committed to work together to improve the health and care system in West Suffolk for all people whether they be a child, part of a family or a single adult. Our belief is that by working together in an Alliance we can have an impact on wellbeing, care and physical and mental health outcomes for people.

The alliance is made up of a wide range of partner organisations who are contributors to the wider determinants of health and who have signed up to the alliance strategy – All About People and Places.

Our Partners include:
  • Suffolk County Council
  • West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group
  • West Suffolk Foundation Trust
  • Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust
  • West Suffolk Council
  • Babergh and Mid Suffolk Councils
  • Healthwatch Suffolk
  • St. Nicholas Hospice Care
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Suffolk GP Federation

And many more partners who are involved in the health and wellbeing of local people.

Our Approach:

The strategy for our Alliance is to move from working as individual organisations towards being a fully integrated single system, with a shared vision, clear local priorities, able to both provide an improved service for people in West Suffolk and also to tackle the sustainability issues faced by the system together.

We have identified the following  four key priorities:

  • Strengthening the support for people to stay well and manage their wellbeing and health in their communities
    Building local integrated working, across all ages and across both physical and mental health.
  • Focusing with individuals on their needs and goals
    Looking at how we co-ordinate services to help people of all ages keep well, get well and stay well.
  • Changing both the way we work together and how services are configured…
    …so that health and care services are sustainable into the future and work well for people.
  • Making effective use of resources
    We will use the West Suffolk pound in the best way locally, reducing duplication and waste. All our organisations face challenging finances and if we work together we can use our resources better

The population covered by the West Suffolk alliance is around 228,000, predominantly in small towns and villages. The alliance strategy is to deliver more services close to where people live, and we are working in six localities, covering the whole of west Suffolk to make this happen.

  • Locality teams are in place in each of our six areas. These bring together system partners to work and plan together. Place Based Needs Assessments are helping to identify areas where there are opportunities to improve outcomes for people in each locality.
  • Primary Care Networks are established with identified leadership, and the links between primary care, community care and social care are being reinforced through a One Clinical Community development programme.
  • Two of our community health and social care teams are collocated with plans to move everyone into shared space, which is improving our ability to provide co-ordinated care for people, particularly those with complex needs.
  • Therapists, such as occupational therapists and physiotherapists are working across organisational boundaries as one team. They are using a trusted assessment approach to make sure people get co-ordinated care whether they are in hospital or in their own home.
  • Through a multi-disciplinary team approach we have improved the throughput and experience of people returning home after a stay in hospital.
  • The Alliance is determined to integrate our approach to mental and physical health and has been playing a key role in developing the new mental health model.
  • We have made over £430K of additional funding available to voluntary sector organisations to enhance community assets tackling obesity, loneliness and poor mental health.
  • With support from the Kings Fund we have completed a test and learn of an innovative way of providing support to people with complex health and care needs living at home. The learning from this is being further rolled out across one of our locality teams, as the next stage of development.
  • Alliance governance is maturing and we are learning how to work together, with a shared vision and priorities. Joint work around finance and quality will help us to move from silo to system thinking. The Alliance partnership includes a broad range of organisations in west Suffolk involved in impacting on health, care and the wider determinants of health and wellbeing.
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