Suffolk & North East Essex Integrated Care System

How we work as an ICS

How we work together
  • We have agreed how we work together as an ICS. We work together in partnership. Not a structure or a hierarchy. Our ICS creates an environment that enables us to work together particularly through our Alliances and neighbourhoods because every local community has different needs.
  • Our focus is our three Alliances. Our three Alliances bring together local partners in North East Essex, Ipswich and East Suffolk and West Suffolk. They provide a forum for planning and delivering joined up care and services with everyone working together across the NHS, local government and voluntary sector.
  • Personalised care through population health management. Population health management uses data to plan local services so that they are proactive and provide more personalised care with support closer to your home. This also enables local Primary Care Networks to target resources towards the things that matter to your health.
  • We’re committed to co-production. We know that by involving people in the right way we can deliver what people really want and ensure better outcomes for everyone. We are committed as an ICS to working with you to design, monitor and evaluate the work that we do.
  • Our plan is to make the best use of resources. We have a public duty to you to ensure that we manage money in the NHS and local government as efficiently as possible. Our plan is to operate within our means so that any new local financial investment can be used to drive further improvements.
  • An approach that always starts with ‘Why?’ To ensure that we are successful we are using a core methodology that maintains a genuine focus on the outcomes that we want to achieve for you. This is a simple, common sense approach that challenges us to ask ‘Why?’ before we decide ‘How?’ or ‘What?’ we do.
  • We have a truly integrated plan. We have come together to develop a plan for the whole health and care system in Suffolk and North East Essex. It brings together the priorities of our local Health and Wellbeing Boards with the NHS Long Term Plan and the vision of all our partners.
  • We have the people, the passion…and a plan! Although we have made good progress in Suffolk and North East Essex we know there is so much more we can do together. There are three critical elements for this to be successful. We have the PEOPLE, we have the PASSION – we have a PLAN.

Last Updated on September 20, 2021

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Suffolk & North East Essex Integrated Care System
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