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ICS Governance Framework

Our governance framework makes it clear that as an ICS what we want to do is to make a difference to the issues that matter to people, that we are collectively responsible for and which we can only change by working together. It sets out how we intend to work more flexibly across our sector and organisational boundaries, adopt a common set of principles and leadership behaviours and develop an approach which is right for now but can evolve over time. It also makes clear that what we don’t want to do is to add extra layers or complexity to our already complex system, create rigid long-term structures or undermine the governance and statutory responsibilities of our individual organisations.

The seven principles of public life, which are intended to apply to anyone who delivers public services, focus on behaviour and culture rather than processes. In applying these principles, the ICS can ensure it is delivering integrated plans which spend public money wisely and deliver services that meet the needs of the local population. The seven principles for public life will therefore underpin how we will work as an ICS.

Our ICS Model

The ICS, as a coalition of the willing, will exist through a conscious decision of locality Alliances, neighbourhood working and sovereign organisations to pool resources and efforts to achieve common goals when it makes sense to do so in the interests fo the local population.

This way of working will enable communities to continue to shape priorities and release the assets which contribute to their wellbeing, care and health, within a common set of standards which reduce unnecessary variations in performance and outcomes. By working with people in our communities we can develop trust and understanding with stakeholders about what matters.

We want to avoid a hierarchical approach to our ICS so that it can work more as an ecosystem that can adapt and flex to meet the needs of the population.

Seven Principles of Public Life How we will work as an Integrated Care System
  • We take collective responsibility for achieving the outcomes that matter for our whole population;
    • We put the interests of the people we serve ahead of the interests of ourselves as individuals or organisations.
  • When we say whole system, we mean it – our ICS genuinely collaborates across all sectors purchaser/ provider, health/social care, primary/secondary care, statutory/non-statutory, citizen/service;
  • We respect the sovereignty, governance and statutory responsibilities of every organisation;
  • We are all responsible for creating an environment that enables openness, clarity and fair discussion about organisational and individual interests.
  • We always start with ‘why?’ before ‘how’ and then ‘what’;
  • We use the discipline of a core methodology for our collaboration to ensure we succeed;
  • We use evidence and data to drive our decisions within a population health management framework;
  • We continue to develop our learning and thinking by collaborating as a system – at local, regional, national and international level.
  • We will devolve decision making as locally as possible, developing solutions for different natural populations flexibly as required at local, neighbourhood, place and system level;
  • We work closely with public groups, Non Executive Directors and democratically elected representatives and forums (including Health and Wellbeing Boards and Health Outcomes Scrutiny Committees) to ensure that we are accountable to the population that we serve.
  • We proactively share our work with the public;
  • We are open and share and make the data that we have available and genuinely accessible to all;
  • We will use a variety of structured and unstructured techniques to engage the public in dialogue about what matters to them.
  • We have a collective duty of candour as a health and care system;
  • We have mutual accountability for creating the cultural conditions for system working to succeed;
  • We hold one another to account for ensuring that as individuals and organisations our behaviours and the way that we organise our resources genuinely support system working.
  • Leadership within the ICS includes clinical leadership, non-clinical leadership, public leadership, and non-executive leadership, ensuring genuine co-production across all sectors;
  • We support one another to meet shared objectives;
  • We set ourselves measurable ambitions to make a difference to the things that really matter to people.

Last Updated on December 10, 2020

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