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ICS Programme Groups and Boards

Meeting Purpose Frequency Chairperson Lead Manager
ICS Anchors Programme Board
    The role of the ICS Anchors Programme Board will be to provide Strategic oversight to the Programme and will bring together Anchor leads from organisations, Alliances, ICS groups and forums .
    It will undertake the detailed work and monitoring necessary to ensure that the ICS Anchors Board has an effective, strategic, joined up whole system approach to Anchors in health and care that delivers benefits and drives better outcomes for people living in Suffolk and North East Essex.


    Helen Taylor

    Michelle Grant-Richardson
ICS Population Health Management Programme Board
    To improve health outcomes for selected local population cohorts through real-time application of advanced analytics and intelligence-led care design.


    Dr Mark Shenton

ICS End of Life Board
    A forum for leadership and collaborative decision making to implement a strategy and policies to ensure a consistent approach across West Suffolk, which improves end of life and grief experiences for adults, children and families by ensuring:
  • A compassionate community where people are able to talk about death and are equipped and able to support each other as they face dying, death, caring and grief
  • People and their families are prepared for dying, death, caring and grief and have opportunities to discuss their wishes with families and professionals
  • Statutory services should be well coordinated and ensure that people’s information is shared across different teams with access to specialist advice and treatment when required
  • Those caring for, and supporting the dying and grieving and those caring for them should receive appropriate training

    Bi-monthly (6 meetings a year)


ICS Diabetes Management Steering Board (DMSB)
      The overarching purpose of the diabetes steering board is to provide oversight and ensure delivery of the diabetes transformation plan which includes the national “must do’s” and local plans as laid out in the diabetes transformation charter. These in turn will support the SNEE diabetes outcomes..In addition, the board will oversee any other opportunities as they present themselves that are not covered in the charter.


    Dr Shane Gordon

ICS Cancer Programme Board
    Details Coming Soon



ICS Elective Care and Diagnostics Recovery and Adapt Board
      The SNEE Elective Care and Diagnostics Recovery and Adapt Board has seen established in order to both support and oversee the development and delivery of the recovery and adaptation of elective care and diagnostic services across SNEE through the remainder of 2020/21. The overarching responsibility is to support and oversee the development and delivery of the recovery and adaptation of elective care and diagnostic services across SNEE through the remainder of 2020/21


    Dr Ed Garratt

Local Maternity System Board (LMSB)
      The role of the Local Maternity System Board (LMSB) is to provide;
    • Strategic leadership for the implementation of national maternity and neonatal transformation agenda
    • Financial control of maternity transformation funds
    • Assurance of safe maternity service provision across the LMNS/ICS


    Lisa Nobes

East Accord Programme Board
      To work towards a digital ecosystem with the person at the centre, with enabled neighbourhoods, places and systems by collectively agreeing how to tackle the key barriers to connected care of:
    • Capacity and capability
    • Tribalism and protectionism
    • Misaligned incentives and penalties
    • Siloed architecture
        These barriers will be addressed by the Board through two different functions:
      • Promoting collaboration at a region level, by:
      • Articulating the opportunities and benefits of working together regionally on digital challenges across the East; and
      • Selecting priority opportunities for working collaboratively at an East region, enabling ICS/STPs to achieve their own digital goals faster, more economically or more effectively by creating virtual teams to share skills and resources


      Cllr John Spence

    Last Updated on June 4, 2021

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