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ICS Strategic Groups and Boards

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ICS VCSE Strategy Group
    The role of the ICS VCSE Strategy Group is to work towards achieving equal and equitable collaboration from the VCSE sector in the ICS, Alliances and in Suffolk the Collaborative Communities Board by building relationships and enabling regular dialogue between those supporting collaboration in those cross-sector partnerships and key local VCSE leaders.
    It will ensure that the strategy for working both with the sector and within the sector is as effective as possible as the ICS continues to develop. It will also ensure that the VCSE sector is appropriately engaged and represented wherever it needs to be in a way that supports the ICS to delivers benefits and drive better outcomes for those living in Suffolk and North East Essex.


    Jon Neal/Sam Glover

ICS People and Culture Board
    The purpose of the ICS People and Culture Board is to;
  • Ensure that SNEE ICS has an ambitious strategy for its People
  • Act to improve equality, diversity and inclusion for our current and future workforce; maximising our potential as employers to use work to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities
  • Promote positive cultures and develop our organisations as agile, inclusive and modern employers to attract, recruit and retain the people we need to deliver our plans
  • Commit to subsidiarity, to ensure much of what we do is performed as close to the patient as possible recognising the unique capacity and capability we can bring in deciding on action that is focused on improving the experience of those who use our services
  • Assure delivery of the Suffolk and North East Essex People Plan through the three Alliances, providers and commissioners
  • Promote integrated system-working and ensures consistency to support collaborative working at scale
  • Support relevant infrastructure groups and ensures SNEE People Plan workstreams have clear leadership
  • Work in partnership with the East of England People Board to ensure that SNEE priorities are delivered in areas where a Region wide approach is more appropriate


    Professor Will Pope

ICS Directors of Finance Group

    The ICS Directors of Finance Group is responsible for ensuring the further development of the ICS by:

    • Development of system financial governance and working towards having a system control total
    • Development of data analytics and financial modelling for the system with alignment to work being carried out on population health management
    • Development of system financial plans
    • Developing in year financial reporting for the system
    • Supporting processes and systems to enable the Strategic Investment Group to allocate system resources, and support investment appraisal and prioritisation


    Rotating chairperson arrangement

ICS Strategic Investment Group (SiG)
    The ICS Strategic Investment Group operates on behalf of the ICS Board to ensure an appropriate level of focus to the role of the board in relation to system investment.
    Its overall purpose is therefore to support the ICS Board to have an effective, strategic, joined up whole system approach to investment in health and care in Suffolk and North East Essex across health, local government and community sector.


    Professor Will Pope/Janet Wood

ICS Strategic Digital investment Advisory Board
    The ICS Strategic Investment and Assurance Board (SDIAB) is a sub-group of the ICS Board, providing leadership to the Digital Strategy & Group, and comprises ICS Board Members, ICS Digital Programme Director, NHS England Regional Lead, SROs and Lead Provider CIOs & CCIOs
    Our role is to;
  • be collectively accountable and responsible for the systemwide investment decisions in our Digital ecosystem
  • further define the direction of the Strategic Digital programme and establish frameworks to deliver the outcomes agreed
  • further develop system-level (and region-level) leadership and governance of the digital agenda


    Professor Stephen Dunn

ICS Estates Strategy Group
    The ICS Estates Strategy Group is drawn from constituent organisations, and comprises members of Local Estates Forums and other identified stakeholders .
    The role of the ICS Estates Forum is to be responsible for the ongoing development and implementation of the ICS Estates Strategy to ensure the implementation of a whole system approach in the design, refurbishment, construction and/or disposal of the Estate within the ICS footprint.


    Amanda Lyes

ICS Quality Board

    The purpose of the ICS Quality Board is to:

  • provide assurance and improvement;
    • create a culture of support, collective leadership, mutual holding to account and challenge;
      • systematically bring together the different parts of the system to share information.


          Lisa Nobes

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