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ICS System Strategic Plan

There are just over one million people who we serve as an Integrated Care System (ICS) in Suffolk and North East Essex. People living in each of the three localities across North East Essex, Ipswich and East Suffolk and West Suffolk face different challenges and have different opportunities. However they all want the same good outcomes for their own health and care and for those that they love.

We know that it is only by working together in neighbourhoods, locality Alliances and across the whole system that we will make a difference to the health and care outcomes of the population that we serve in Suffolk and North East Essex;

  • It is these outcomes that really matter to people
  • It is these outcomes that we are collectively responsible for
  • It is these outcomes that we can only change by aligning our ambitions
  • It is these outcomes that we can only change by aligning our resources
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Who we are
  • We’re working together. An Integrated Care System (ICS) is where the NHS, local government and community organisations work together to improve your health and wellbeing. You’ve told us how important this is and we are now one the first areas of the country to work together in this way.
  • This is OUR plan. Every area in the country now has a plan but ours is AMBITIOUS. We want you to have the best health and care system in the country. We will do this by helping you to avoid ill health, have access to excellent care when you need it and focussing on our Primary Ambition to reduce the health inequalities caused by deprivation.
Why we need to work together
  • Our plan is about achieving the best outcomes for everyone. We want you to have as healthy a life as possible. Every child should have the best start in life. We all want a good experience of ageing and at the end of life. None of us can achieve these things alone. This is WHY we need to work together.
  • We’ve been listening. You’ve told us is you want quicker and easier access to GP appointments, hospital, community and mental health services. You want joined up services that are easy to navigate and continuity of care. This is what our plan aims to do.
  • Our local population is changing. Although it’s a good thing that we’re all living longer – more of us are living with multiple long term conditions and dementia. Our children do not always have the best start in life with too many experiencing poor mental health and obesity. We are also increasingly affected by deprivation.
  • We’re ‘Thinking Differently’. New advances in digital and medical technology offer opportunities to radically change the ways we think and work. We can also make a difference by building better networks and relationships, opening access to services and information and developing the potential in our local communities.
What we plan to do together 
  • Our Primary Ambition is to reduce the health inequalities caused by deprivation. Some of our local communities are among the most disadvantaged in England. Living in poverty is linked to conditions including cancer, diabetes and mental illness. It is unacceptable that life expectancy can be as much as 10 years less depending on where you live. This is why tackling the health inequalities caused by deprivation is our ‘Primary Ambition’.
  • Our Higher Ambitions. Our plan also includes some wider specific ‘Higher Ambitions’. These reflect the priorities in the Suffolk and Essex Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies. It is by achieving these ‘Higher Ambitions’ that we intend to not just change, but save the lives of the people that we serve.
  • Every child should have the best start in life. The best start in life is about good physical and mental health for every child. Our plan will ensure healthy births and healthy growth and development. And one of our ‘Higher Ambitions’ is to ensure emotional wellbeing for children from the start.
  • A healthy life for everyone. Whoever you are, a healthy life is important. This means eating and sleeping well, exercise, social connection and avoiding harm from alcohol or cigarettes. A healthy lifestyle not only prevents ill health but can also help if you are unwell. This is why a healthy life for everyone is one of our ‘Higher Ambitions’.
  • Mental health is important. We will support you to recover from mental health problems in the right way, in the right place and at the right time – particularly when you need help urgently. It is our ‘Higher Ambition’ to achieve ‘zero suicide’ because ‘everyone can do something to prevent suicide’.
  • Best care for major health conditions. Cancer, respiratory disease, musculoskeletal problems, diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease affect many of us. We will use new treatments and technology to ensure fast and effective diagnosis and treatment when you need it. Saving lives through earlier diagnosis and treatment for cancer is one of our ‘Higher Ambitions’.
  • The best quality of life as we grow older. Enabling you to live well as you grow older is a ‘Higher Ambition’. This means helping you to maintain your independence and supporting those who care for you. Our plan is also to ensure high quality care through GPs, hospitals and care homes.
  • The best care at the end of life. At the end of life there are no second chances. People have the right to die in peace, and their loved ones should have the best possible memories. It is our ‘Higher Ambition’ that people have flexibility, choice and control over their care, and support for those closest to them.
  • Our workforce is our biggest asset. Strengthening our health and care workforce is a key priority. More than 50,000 people work locally in health and care – they are our biggest asset. We will make health and care the best place to work, attracting high quality staff and leadership, committed to delivering 21st century care.
  • We plan to make better use of technology. Making better use of technology is easy to say but complex to do. We will have new joined up technology so that staff have the information they need to support you and you can have access to the information that you need about your care.
  • We want healthy care environments. We know that the environment in which care is delivered and the location of services is important. We have a considerable health and care estate which we will ensure operates as efficiently as possible. We are also investing resources to create new hospital buildings, primary and community services

Last Updated on June 21, 2021

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