Suffolk & North East Essex Integrated Care System

Enabling Ambition – An Overview

The ICS has a key role in connecting partners to work together at scale around the key strategic areas that are essential in ‘enabling’ transformation of health and care delivery at the frontline. These are: 

  • Workforceour people are our greatest strength, and as demand for health and care continues to grow, it is essential that our staff get the support they need to do their jobs effectively;
  • Financepartners in the ICS are responsible for significant resources and so it is essential that we manage these together ensuring the best possible use of public money;
  • Estates – operating across multiple sites alongside other public sector partners, our land and buildings are our third largest cost and are essential to providing a modern environment that supports the best possible care and recovery;
  • Digitaltechnology is an increasingly significant part of all our lives and so it is essential that we harness its potential to improve the way that we deliver services to provide faster, safer and more convenient care.

Last Updated on December 10, 2020

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Suffolk & North East Essex Integrated Care System
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