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Integrated Care Partnership: Get Involved

What matters to me is that I can ‘Get Involved’ in shaping my local Integrated Care System – this means that:

I can find out what is happening in the ICS:

  • I can access information in the right language and format for me, that explains how the Integrated Care System works and our local Integrated Care Strategy
  • I can find out about the statutory boards and committees responsible for local health and care, read the meeting papers, attend public meetings and ask questions if I want to
  • I can find out about informal meetings, attend events on the topics that interest me, and access any written reports

I can share my views and influence the ICS:

  • I can share my views and my story with the ICS in different ways, so that local health and care organisations can learn from my experiences
  • I have independent support from my local Healthwatch organisation who can make sure my voice is heard, and influence how health and care services are provided locally
  • I can see, through improved strategies, plans and services, how the views of different people with diverse perspectives have influenced the ICS
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Our Collective Ambition is to enable everyone in Suffolk and North East Essex to be able to ‘Get Involved’ in our work as an ICS.

We will do this by:

  • providing information on how the different parts of Integrated Care System work, our local Integrated Care Strategy and the evidence that underpins it, available online and in other formats upon request
  • for formal meetings of the statutory boards and committees responsible for local health and care: publishing details and papers online, livestreaming proceedings, and offering people the means to attend meetings and ask questions
  • sharing on the ICS website and social media details of forthcoming informal ICS meetings, community ICS events and online events, ways to participate, and reports of past events
  • putting lived experience at the heart of our Integrated Care Strategy embedding it in an outcome based approach
  • providing both traditional and new opportunities for people to share their lived experiences about health and care (e.g. pop up video booths, film competitions, lived experience facilitators), in places and ways that are convenient and accessible
  • supporting and upholding the statutory role of our local Healthwatch organisations to independently represent the views and experiences of local people and enable their voice to be heard
  • being proactive about enabling diversity of engagement in the work of the Integrated Care System, including providing information in different languages or formats, including translation and easy read summaries.

“I care, we do care, I am part of the change and I’m here to listen and work with everyone and amplify those voices that have been supressed and oppressed for quite a while.” (mental health practitioner)

“It’s important to me to share my lived experiences of good practice in the NHS to shine a light on when things have gone well, and to share poor practice so that other people don’t have to experience the same mistakes I have.” (patient)

Last Updated on 4 January 2023

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