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‘Walk the Talk’ Film Competition 2022 – WINNERS

Our ICS film competition for 2022 was on the theme of ‘Walk the Talk’, sharing their ideas and experiences in a two-minute film. We asked local people to inspire us with a short film to help us to understand how as a ‘Can Do Health and Care’ system we can truly ‘Walk the Talk’. We particularly wanted to hear diverse voices representing the local population.

We were thrilled at the range of films received, from individuals, from small local support groups, and from larger and long-established community-based organisations. People shared personal stories and told us about the challenges they face as individuals and as communities, showing us how we should put our values into practice.

Our independent judging panel awarded prizes of £500 to our Winner, and prizes of £300 to our Runner Up, and the winners in categories for each of our core values:


Fiona Ellis

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Survivors in Transition


Fiona Said

“These videos are so important to showcase the range of services which are going above and beyond to support our communities, I love seeing the passion and pride people have in their service or product!”

Christina Massey

Quality Improvement Manager, NHS England and NHS Improvement East of England

Christina Said

“Our thoughts and actions are like pebbles dropped into still waters causing ripples to spread as they move along. Each of the entrants clearly demonstrated the capacity to change the lives of people in their communities for the better by sharing their stories. Their impact was a source of great joy, inspiration and hope. Well done to those who received awards, you deserve them.”

Godwin Daudu

Operations Manager, African Families in the UK

Godwin Said

“The entire video presentations were innovative, impressive and expressed the great work each of the agencies do. The two eventual winners were truly deserving of their win, they used lived experience of their clients to drive home the excellent support they’re provide. The winner was a compelling story that anyone watching it could easily relate to it.”

‘Walk the Talk’ film competition 2022

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