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System Learning

A key role for the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) is to help to create a learning system, sharing evidence and insight across and beyond the ICS, crossing organisational and professional boundaries.

System Learning Reviews

System Learning Reviews provide an opportunity for stakeholders from across sectors, partners and localities in our ICS to share their experiences both across and beyond our ICS. We undertook a series of System Learning Reviews during the Covid19 Pandemic beginning in June 2020.

  • an initial Covid19 System Learning Review captured learning from the ‘first wave’ response to Covid-19 in Suffolk and North East Essex.
  • a subsequent campaign almost a year later ‘How do we Heal?’ then sought to inform recovery from the pandemic in particular from the perspective of communities and frontline health and care staff.
  • learning from both reviews then informed our approach to Equalities in our Covid19 Vaccination programme.

Evidence from these reviews has been submitted as part of the response from the ICS to the national Covid19 Inquiry.


Our training courses offer the opportunity for stakeholders from across sectors to come together and learn together about some of the key concepts underpinning the way that we think and work as an Integrated Care System. Courses include:

  • Outcome Based Approaches
  • 100 Day Health Equity Challenge
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