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Break the Mould

‘Break The Mould’: Leading for System Change

Are you ‘Thinking Differently’ in Health and Care? Do you want to ‘Break the Mould’?

We want people living in Suffolk and North East Essex to have a genuinely ‘Can Do’ local health and care system. We’re making changes to enable people working locally in health and care to genuinely ‘Break the Mould’ and work together across the whole of the NHS, social care and community and voluntary sector.

We are looking for 40 people who share our vision of working across sectors to bring our local health and care system together in new ways that achieve better outcomes for local people.

Our ‘Leading for System Change’ programme delivered by the NHS Leadership Academy working together with top leaders from the Suffolk and North East Essex ICS will support, encourage and enable you to ‘Break the Mould’ and do something truly amazing.

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Aims and Objectives:

  • To build understanding and expertise within our ICS around what it means to work at a system level
  • To increase impact and build collaborative energy to address real system issues
  • To create a network of change agents across our system to drive forward system thinking in practice.
  • To encourage new ways of working
  • To enable better outcomes for people using health and care services

Delivery: six virtual and ‘face-to-face’ workshops

  • Orientation – participants introduced to key elements of leadership: systems thinking, the tools, behaviours and skills that enable leadership in complexity, examples and approaches used in systems to lead change.
  • Discovery – participants work in systems groups to apply the learning to the real challenges they face in leading in complexity.
  • Participants will work together in designated small pan-sector teams or sets to apply their learning about system leadership to a challenge that is a strategic priority, “wicked issue” for the ICS.
  • Learning will take place in cross-organisational teams, working on a system, rather than a sector, basis.
  • Venues for face-to-face delivery will be in a suitable, central location in Suffolk and North East Essex.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be more confident and aware of the behaviours that encourage and enable system leadership
  • Demonstrate system sightedness in behaviour, mind-sets and attitudes, based on appreciating and engaging with multiple perspectives
  • Understand the dilemmas of managing apparently contradictory tensions as a both-and challenge rather than mutually exclusive options
  • Have a range of skills and tools to apply and further their learning about systems and leadership in systems
  • Choose leadership approaches which build trust, empower others, share risk and foster collective accountability
  • Seek opportunities to connect across boundaries, build empowering relationships and network in service of delivering a shared vision for change.
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