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‘Thinking Differently’

As an Integrated Care System we have made a commitment to ‘Thinking Differently’ about how we ensure that we meet the needs of the one million people that we serve in the future.

We believe that all lives in Suffolk and North East Essex have equal value but not all of our population have access to the same opportunities. This inequality has a dramatic impact on their health outcomes – and on the demand of the system. Thinking differently is the right thing to do for our population and for the ability to respond to these health inequalities.

Thinking Differently Together – An Overview

To build abundance and participation through ‘new power’ we must keep checking that when we default to our ‘old power’ 20th century model, it is actually in the best interest of our population and not just our system. In this way, we will continue to think differently and to blend new and old power as powerfully as possible

We have identified four key features of ‘Thinking Differently’ and the benefits it brings:

From closed to open
  • From closed information to open access to our personal data
  • From professional tests to open access to the information we need to monitor and control our own wellbeing
  • From medical referrals to open access to services
From services to relationships
  • From treating symptoms to relationships with patients – from what is the matter with you to what matters to you
  • From siloed service delivery to relationships that deliver with colleagues
  • From transactional contracts to commissioning partnerships
From organisations to networks
  • From health and care organisations to our ICS Partnership Board and Health and wellbeing Boards
  • From local organisations to our delivery Alliances
  • From organisational teams to our integrated neighbourhood teams
From problems to assets
  • From struggling with problems to engaging the willing through our connections
  • From health and care budgets to resources everywhere
  • From training experts to training everyone

WHY we need to think differently

HOW we are Thinking Differently

WHAT will enable us to keep Thinking Differently?

Voices of change

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