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Digital exclusion

Population Outcome: People who are digitally excluded in Suffolk and North East Essex have Health Equality

Digital exclusion refers to the lack of internet access, digital devices or skills that prevents people from effectively engaging with digital services and environments.
(Source: Social Mobility Commission)

Digital excluded people have less access to the information they need to keep well, to manage their health, and to understand where they should seek help when they or their family is unwell. They are unable to access health technology to enable their health professionals to monitor their long term conditions, or to use apps that help them to exercise or to eat well. Having to rely on telephones to communicate can be more costly and time-consuming. More widely, limited access to the internet affects children’s ability to learn, and adults’ ability to work or apply for benefits, which impacts their quality of life and their ability to move out of poverty.


Digital Access

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The Story Behind the Outcome

Lived Experience


Ageing Better

Home learning: Do you have the right technology?

Digital Champions


Healthwatch Suffolk - Digital Health and Care

A report on local experiences in Suffolk and North East Essex

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If you dont have computer skills

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Published Evidence

Building a digital nation

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Groups and communities more likely to be digital excluded

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Digital exclusion among middle aged and older people

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Impact of Covid-19 on digital exclusion

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Wider Data

Further Reading

Further Information

Our Ambition

What we know matters to people and why

What matters?Why?
My needs for written information in the right formats for me are recognised and recordedRecording the communication needs of those who are digitally excluded helps to ensure they have equity of access to information.
I have equity of access to health and care technologySupporting people to access and use digital technology enables access to support and services that are only otherwise available online, and for their health to be monitored effectively.
I have the skills and confidence to use digital technologyHaving the skills to use computers, apps and assistive technology is vital to ensuring people have access to information, support and care.
I am seen and heardAs more people become technology-literate we must ensure those without access or digital skills have their individual needs identified and met in the right way for them.

How will things be different in Suffolk and North East Essex

We will ensure information on health and care continues to be provided in a range of formats to meet the needs of people without access or skills to use online services.We will ensure the communication needs of individuals and families who are digitally excluded are recorded by health and care services, and that communications are provided in the way that meets their needs.
We will support people who are digitally excluded to have access to technology that is low-cost or no-cost to them wherever possible. We will co-produce information and services with groups and communities who are digitally excluded to ensure their voices are heard and their needs incorporated into design and delivery.

Case Studies – how we are making progress across Suffolk & North East Essex

Relevant plans and strategies


NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board
Joint Forward Plan


Ipswich and East Suffolk
Alliance Delivery Plan

North East Essex 
Alliance Delivery Plan

West  Suffolk
Alliance Delivery Plan

Last Updated on 11 June 2024

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