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Higher Ambitions – An Overview

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessments in both Essex and Suffolk have informed local Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies which set out priorities for improving the health and wellbeing of local populations. These are the priorities for our Integrated Care System (ICS) and align to the higher ambitions that have been identified.

Our ‘Higher Ambitions’ relate to what are long standing significant challenges in Suffolk and North East Essex. We know that influencing measurable change in some of these areas will be difficult. We will therefore seek to engage wider partners and communities to more fully understand the deeper problems that need to be addressed and specifically how as an Integrated Care System we can help to make a difference.

We are already taking action across our three Alliances in relation to each of these ‘Higher Ambitions’. However, in some areas of our plan we know action is needed, but we don’t yet know how this will be achieved. In these cases we are committing to finding solutions over time based on a deeper understanding of the issues, the involvement of wider partners and ‘Thinking Differently’ about how to deliver solutions.

Over the next five years we expect our approach to each of the ‘Higher Ambitions’ to involve action in local communities combined with strategic leadership to ensure commitment, prioritise resources and ensure concerted and consistent effort across all agencies and sectors.

We have identified eight ‘Higher Ambitions’, including one primary ambition to reduce health inequalities that we are committed to working towards as an Integrated Care System:
  • Our primary ambition: Reducing health inequalities
  • A healthier life for everyone
  • Emotional wellbeing from the start of life
  • Zero Suicide
  • Earlier diagnosis and treatment for cancer
  • An effective treatment pathway for obesity
  • The best quality of life as we grow older
  • The care and support we need at the end of life
These ‘Higher Ambitions’:
  • Link to the priorities set by the Health and Wellbeing Boards in Essex and Suffolk in their Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies.
  • Relate to the whole population – they are by definition what we want to achieve for everyone living in Suffolk and North East Essex.
  • Have been informed by people’s lived experience and local work involving the public, patients and families, clinicians, universities and a broad range of sectors including community organisations, education, the police, etc. These discussions began at a health and care leaders event that took place in April 2018, and have been taken forward by the STP Board and locality Alliances.
  • Each focus on achieving change in relation to measurable indicators that link to population outcomes.
Progress on our ‘Higher Ambitions’ will be monitored by the ICS Partnership Board with support from the ICS Programme Office who will work with the three Alliances to:
  • Use an outcomes based approach around each Higher Ambition by establishing an independent evidence base that supports local Alliances to develop locality and neighbourhood local action plans to ‘turn the curve’.
  • Monitor and report on progress to Health and Wellbeing Boards via the ICS Partnership Board.
  • Connect local work across the three Alliances, and strategy across sectors and partner organisations around the Higher Ambitions.
  • Manage and monitor the deployment of resources in relation to the Higher Ambitions.
  • Ensure ongoing communications and public engagement in relation to the programme.

Last Updated on December 10, 2020

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