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The People Plan 2020/21 – action for us all  sets out practical actions for employers and systems, as well as the actions that NHS England and NHS Improvement and Health Education England will take, over the remainder of 2020/21.  It includes specific commitments around:

  • Looking after our people – with quality health and wellbeing support for everyone
  • Belonging in the NHS – with a particular focus on tackling the discrimination that some staff face
  • New ways of working and delivering care – making effective use of the full range of our people’s skills and experience
  • Growing for the future – how we recruit and keep our people, and welcome back colleagues who want to return

We have developed a plan in line with the actions outlined within the national people plan to address workforce challenges locally;

Our system ambition is: Suffolk & North East Essex to be the Best Health and Care system to work in and with by 2025
Our system-wide Health and Care goals are to:

Increase self care, independence and community based care

Increase consistencies in working practices across the alliances via commitment and collaboration to work together

Slow down demand at acute & specialist
care through hospital
reconfiguration & transformation

  • Continuously update and refine the system level Health & Wellbeing offer
  • Adopt and implement Wellbeing strategies e.g. Primary Care
  • Adopting Flexible working practices – inc rotational opportunities.
  • Staff mental health hubs Suffolk & Norfolk.
  • System level Health and Wellbeing Guardians.
  • Alliance and System level retention strategies – focusing on moving forward through Covid-19.
  • System level Equality, Diversity and Inclusion focus group – developing ‘Inclusion Charter’ for providers to sign up to.
  • Extension of Managed Access Agreement (MAA) across system.
  • Listening, coordinating, and engaging with front line staff.
  • Leadership & resilience training programmes for line managers and team leaders –adopting an inclusive culture.
  • Implement pilots for seldom heard or hard to reach areas e.g. Medic Mentor, StreetDoctors and working with Princes Trust, initially in Tendering, and extending to other areas across SNEE.
  • Creating new ways of working and service delivery by rolling out of Data, Digital & Technology workforce programmes e.g. RPA, eRosters, Digital Staff Passports.
  • Service/professional level rotational programmes within and across providers.
  • Review of current and new job roles, learning from the impacts of Covid-19
  • Identify new future ways of working trends in health and care.
  • Socialise across all system partners the ‘We Can Do Together Health and Care Academy’ website which is now live.
  • Promoting and developing Strategic Workforce Planning.
  • Growing clinical staff roles and associate/support roles.
  • Upskilling staff to take on new roles e.g. New nurse endoscopists,
  • Role out of apprenticeships e.g. Physio and OT rotational apprenticeships to grow and plan for our future workforce.

    The purpose of the ICS People and Culture Board is to;

  • Ensure that SNEE ICS has an ambitious strategy for its People
  • Act to improve equality, diversity and inclusion for our current and future workforce; maximising our potential as employers to use work to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities
  • Promote positive cultures and develop our organisations as agile, inclusive and modern employers to attract, recruit and retain the people we need to deliver our plans
  • Commit to subsidiarity, to ensure much of what we do is performed as close to the patient as possible recognising the unique capacity and capability we can bring in deciding on action that is focused on improving the experience of those who use our services
  • Assure delivery of the Suffolk and North East Essex People Plan through the three Alliances, providers and commissioners
  • Promote integrated system-working and ensures consistency to support collaborative working at scale
  • Support relevant infrastructure groups and ensures SNEE People Plan workstreams have clear leadership
  • Work in partnership with the East of England People Board to ensure that SNEE priorities are delivered in areas where a Region wide approach is more appropriate

The ‘How do we Heal? Our Workforce’ event on Wednesday 2 June 2021 considered issues for our health and care workforce as we move out of the Covid-19 pandemic, focussing  on three main themes: WHY we need to heal, HOW we can heal, and WHAT we can do moving forward, followed by a panel discussion.

This presentation sets out the local plan for Suffolk and North East Essex to meet the nursing and midwifery workforce requirements to deliver the changes in  the National 50k Nurse Manifesto plan.

We Can Do Together is a partnership of health and care organisations in Suffolk and North East Essex, working in collaboration to develop a strong multidisciplinary workforce that can deliver the best care possible to patients in their community.

We aim to attract people, especially those starting out in the world of work, into a career in health and care to help to shape sector leaders for the future – as well as working to connect existing staff with career support and opportunities for further development.


VCSE Workforce Development Review


SWIM- SNEE accelerating ICS Workforce Development

Suffolk & North East Essex ICS Training Hub 

The Training Hub provides the infrastructure for multi-professional training and education in primary care to support recruitment, retention and return of all staff groups. Training hubs bring together NHS organisations, community, local authorities and education providers to deliver a much broader education platform than the more traditional single approach.


ICS Workforce Diversity Strategy


ICS Staff Survey Results


For more information please contact;

Julie White, Training Hub Lead,

Phyllis Anderson, Project Officer,

Last Updated on July 27, 2021

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