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Our Collective Ambition: Live Well

What matters to me is that I can continue to ‘Live Well’ – this means that I am able to:

  • START WELL – before conception, during pregnancy and birth, through childhood and into adolescence
  • BE WELL – maintain good oral and dental health, good eye and ear health and good health for my gender
  • STAY WELL – if I am living with cancer or any other long term condition, if I am living with obesity, if I require urgent or emergency care or if I am living with a disability
  • FEEL WELL – if I am living with a mental health problem or addiction, or if I am a survivor of trauma or abuse
  • AGE WELL – as I grow older, particularly if I am living with frailty or dementia
  • DIE WELL – for myself and those close to me when I reach the end of my life
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Our Collective Ambition is to enable everyone in Suffolk and North East Essex to ‘Live Well’.

We will do this by:

  • not just ‘Thinking Differently’ but ‘Doing Things Differently’ together delivering wherever the work is best done. This could be in:
    – local neighbourhoods
    – place based alliances
    – across the counties of Essex or Suffolk
    – across the Suffolk and North East Essex system
    – across the East of England region
  • improving access to high quality support, diagnosis and treatment
  • supporting people to wait well when there are delays in accessing support, diagnosis or treatment
  • working across sectors and organisations to co-produce with people and families, genuinely collaborative programmes that we know, based on evidence, will improve their health and wellbeing outcomes.

“Being independent, having that ability to continue to be independent in your own home and not stay in hospital for longer than you need to, so you’re not vulnerable.”

“How do you think we should think differently in health and care? I think this is about getting everyone involved. Getting me involved, getting the next person involved. It is my health, it is my care. I should know what works best for me, so everybody should be involved.”

Last Updated on 4 January 2023

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