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Oral Health

Population Outcome: People living in Suffolk and North East Essex have Good Oral Health

The best oral health throughout life is essential if everyone in Suffolk and North East Essex is to start well, live well and age well. Ensuring access to information, preventative care and treatment is vital in ensuring people can maintain good oral health.


Barometer Measure

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Dental Health Data

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The Story Behind the Outcome

Lived Experience



Access to dentistry


Dental Access Experiences

A briefing where Healthwatch Suffolk looked at enquiries to understand more about the problems people have been facing with dental access

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Getting the right care

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Access to NHS care

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Dentistry for children

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Timely dental care

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Published Evidence

Importance of Oral Health

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Inequalities and Oral Health

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Strategy & Partnerships

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DIY Dentistry

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Further Reading

References & Further Reading

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Further Information

Useful Organisations

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Our Ambition

What we know matters and why

What matters?Why?
I am able to access oral health checksRegular oral health checks enable me to maintain good oral health for life.

Access to free oral health checks means my financial pressures do not prevent me from being well.
I have access to high quality dentistryEarly diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions where I also have long term conditions or disabilities can enable treatment of pain, infections and diseases.

Good communication between my dentist, GP and oral health specialist means I can be tested and diagnosed with any serious condition more quickly.
I have the information I need to have good oral health.Understanding the ways I can maintain good oral health means I can prevent pain, infections and diseases.

Knowing the signs of infection and disease means I can seek help early.
I am treated as an individualTreating me and my family with dignity and respect, recognising my culture, characteristics and life circumstances, means my care and support is inclusive, sensitive and responsive to my needs.
I am seen and heardGiving me choice and control over my oral care means I am better able to prevent oral problems and manage my condition.

How will things be different in Suffolk and North East Essex

We will increase the availability and accessibility of NHS dentistry for all communities who need urgent and routine care.We will explore alternative routes to access dentistry e.g. health checks, learning disability and mental health services.
We will co-produce campaigns to raise awareness of maintaining good oral health and the signs of pain, infection and disease for all age groups, people with disabilities and long termWe will promote sharing of records between community providers and secondary care – oral health specialists and other specialisms relevant to the patient.
We will ensure children and adults eligible for NHS care and support are aware of their rights.We will support people to maintain their health and wellbeing before, while waiting for, during and after treatment to help them stay well and recover well.
We will ensure all Looked After Children have access to regular dental checks.

Case Studies – how we are making progress across Suffolk & North East Essex

Relevant plans and strategies


NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board – Joint Forward Plan
Be Well


Ipswich and East Suffolk
Alliance Delivery Plan

North East Essex 
Alliance Delivery Plan

West  Suffolk
Alliance Delivery Plan

Page last updated: March 2023

Last Updated on 11 June 2024

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