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People Living with Mental Health Problems

Population Outcome: People Living with Mental Health Problems in Suffolk and North East Essex Feel Well

The best possible mental health and resilience is essential if everyone in Suffolk and North East Essex is to live well and age well. High quality assessment, support and crisis care, delivered by compassionate, culturally competent professionals, is vital to achieving good health outcomes for people with mental ill-health and their carers and families.


Barometer Measure

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Common Mental Health Disorders Data

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Serious Mental Illness Data

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Children and Young People's Mental Health Data

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Self harm and Suicide Data

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Equalities Data

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The Story Behind the Outcome

Lived Experience


Eating Disorders

Phoenix Project

Individual approach to mental health

Good communication in mental health

Physical and mental health

Impact of Covid-19 on mental health

Sensitivity in appointments


A Voice of Experience

Positive and negative experiences of mental health from a service user's/lived experience perspective

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Community Asset Mapping - North East Essex

Feel Well - Mental Health

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Mental Health and Suicide

The More We Talk About It The Better It Will Be - A Report about middle aged mens experience of mental health and suicide

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'What's It Like'?

Healthwatch Suffolk report - People’s experiences of residential and nursing
homes in Suffolk

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Feedback Report about NSFT - Partnership Compilation

Individual experiences of mental health services provided by the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust - 2020

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Compassion Among Nature

The Green Light Trust - People shared with Healthwatch Suffolk about their experiences

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'Forever Gone'

Local campaigners respond to an independent review of mortality reporting by Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust – Healthwatch Suffolk's response

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Co-production for the Suicide Prevention Strategy Oct-Dec 2020

Suffolk User Forum Publication

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How was Suffolk's Wellbeing over Summer 2022

Suffolk Mind report

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Focus on discharge from mental health services September 2022

Suffolk User Forum Report

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Eating disorders - The cycle of support

Suffolk User Forum Report

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What I want

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Resourcing mental health

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Impact of mental health on physical health

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Published Evidence

Ethnicity - Inequalities & Mental Health

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Inequalities: physical ill-health

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Inequalities: dementia

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Inequalities: women’s experiences

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Inequalities: men’s experiences

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Community mental health

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Further Reading

Further Information

Useful Organisation

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Our Ambition

What we know matters and why

What matters?Why?
I am supported to feel wellA carer, family and professionals who can recognise my mental health needs early, enables me to get support and the right diagnosis quickly if I need it.

A community that understands mental health means I am not stigmatised, I can talk more openly about my health and people can support each other.
I have treatment and care when I need itPositive, trusting, consistent, relationships with mental health professionals who stay with me as long as I need them, helps me obtain the right treatment and recovery.

Prompt access to sensitive, compassionate crisis care in a safe place and helps keep me safe from harm and recover more quickly.

A wide range of services to meet the different levels and range of my needs, who communicate well with me and each other, enables me to get the right care when I need it, with no gaps in support.
I have the right information to stay wellKnowing what support is available in my community means that I can obtain help early to prevent my health worsening.

Giving my carer and family the information they need means they can understand my condition, support me better, and seek help when necessary.
I am treated as an individualTreating me, my carer and my family with dignity and respect, recognising my culture, characteristics, any physical health conditions and my life circumstances, means my care and support is inclusive, sensitive and responsive to my needs.

Helping me to maintain my role as a parent or carer means I can continue to maintain relationships that will help me to recover.

I should not be judged because of my diagnosis, my complex needs or the barriers I face in accessing care.
I am seen and heardHaving choice and control over my treatment and care means I can better manage my health and wellbeing and recovery.

Recognising that I am a whole person means I am not defined solely by my diagnosis and am treated with respect.

How will things be different in Suffolk and North East Essex

We will enable people to obtain mental health support early, with ‘no wrong door’ to accessing services.We will value and involve carers and families fully in people’s care wherever possible.
We will co-produce a range of support that people can access and move between depending on their level of need, with continuity of care and good communication between services and with users of services.We will enable people to maintain the personal and caring relationships important to them.
We will enable people to build positive, consistent, trusting relationships with mental health professionals.We will support communities to talk about mental health and tackle stigma.
We will focus on support that prevents mental health crisis.We will provide people with access to culturally competent talking therapies.
We will ensure mental health crisis assessment and care is safe and treats people with sensitivity, dignity, respect and privacy.We will enable older people to recognise and obtain help for mental health problems.
We will directly tackle the systems, policies and ways of working that have led to discrimination in mental health care.We will support people to maintain their health and wellbeing before, while waiting for, during and after treatment to help them stay well and recover well.
We will take a whole-person approach, joining up mental and physical health, social, economic, housing and community support.

Case Studies – how we are making progress across Suffolk & North East Essex

Publish your case study here

Publish you case study here

Publish your case study here

Publish your case study here

Relevant plans and strategies


NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board – Joint Forward Plan
Feel Well



Ipswich and East Suffolk
Alliance Delivery Plan

North East Essex 
Alliance Delivery Plan

West  Suffolk
Alliance Delivery Plan

NHS Trusts

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust
ESNEFT Strategy 2019-24

Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust
Strategic Plan 2023-28

City, District and Borough Council

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils
Wellbeing Strategy 2021-27

Last Updated on 29 February 2024

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