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Young People and Adolescence

Population Outcome: Young People and Adolescents in Suffolk and North East Essex Start Well

The best possible mental and physical health, and preparation for adulthood for young people is essential if everyone in Suffolk and North East Essex is to have a good start in life. Working in partnership with parents and young people to be safe and supported, and to achieve their aspirations, means young people can reach their full potential.


Barometer Measure

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Health and Healthy Behaviours Data

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Mental Health Data

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Data about Vulnerable Young People

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Data about Looked After Children

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Education and Transition Data

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The Story Behind the Outcome

Lived Experience


Mental Health Crisis



My Health Our Future

My Health, Our Future (MHoF) is our programme of work exploring nearly 55,000 responses from young people about their physical and mental wellbeing in Suffolk.

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'Victims Perpertrators and Witnesses'

Tackling child criminal exploitation in Essex

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Transition from Child to Adult Health, Care and Wellbeing Services in North East Essex

This report explores experiences of the transition from child to adult health, care and wellbeing services in North East Essex.

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Children and Young People and Families - Mapping Project 2021

Children, young people and families - key drivers and influences and learning

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Body Image and Young People

Healthwatch Essex report - Young Mental Health Ambassador discussions

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Being more health literate

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Supporting a child with eating disorder

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Published Evidence

Risks to Young People

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Mental Health and Social Media

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Care Leavers

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Youth Offending

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Child Exploitation

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Achieving a successful move into adulthood

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Transition from child to adult health & care services

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Further Reading

Further Information

Useful Organisations

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Our Ambition

What we know matters and why

What matters?Why?
I can develop, learn and grow healthilyI have the right to develop to my full physical, emotional, social and educational potential.

Identifying my health and care needs early enables access to the right care and support to achieve good health and wellbeing.
I am safe and well cared for, and I am supported in becoming an independent adultGood parenting, sensitive care and support means I am safe, well and happy, now and as an adult.

Having good skills, positive relationships, and practical and emotional support enables me to have good health and wellbeing and better life chances.

Continuity of support and a smooth transition to receiving adult health and care services means I have a good quality of life as I reach adulthood.
I know how to look after myselfUnderstanding risks and how to keep safe physically, emotionally, sexually and online means I can prevent harm and stay well.
I am treated as an individualTreating me and my family with dignity and respect, recognising my culture, characteristics and life circumstances, means my care and support is inclusive, sensitive and responsive to my needs.
I am seen and heardListening to me and giving me choice and control means that people understand and respond to the issues that are most important to me.

How will things be different in Suffolk and North East Essex

We will take time to listen to young people, communicate using language that is meaningful to them.We will communicate and work together well to ensure no young person transitioning from children to adult health and care services is left without care and support,and has choice and control over their future.
We will be curious, open and honest, involving children and their families as equal partners in all aspects of their care and development.We will collaborate across health, social care, education, public health, communities and businesses to equip young people with the skills, knowledge and aspirations to achieve their full potential.
We will co-produce ways that enable young people to grow up safely and well with their family, and enable care experienced young adults to stay with or close to their support networks wherever possible.We will co-produce high quality trauma-informed health and care services to support children and their families.
We will support young people to manage the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on their health and development.We will support children and families to maintain their health and wellbeing before, while waiting for, during and after treatment to help them stay well and recover well.

Case Studies – how we are making progress across Suffolk & North East Essex

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