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People Living With Obesity

Population Outcome: People Living with Obesity in Suffolk and North East Essex Stay Well

Access to effective evidence based advice, treatment and support, and living free from weight stigma, are essential if everyone in Suffolk and North East Essex living with obesity is to live well. Having information on living well for all body sizes, effective support to reduce weight, and tackling weight stigma enables everyone to obtain they help they need when they need it.


Barometer Measure

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Prevalence Data - Adults

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Prevalence Data - Children

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Treatment Data

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The Story Behind the Outcome

Lived Experience


Marble Film


Men's Experience of Living with Obesity

Report by Healthwatch Essex about Men's Experience of Living with Obesity

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Football-Based Weight Management research paper

Men's reframing of participation in football-based weight management programmes as a working utopia of collective action

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Published Evidence

Living with obesity - Inequalities

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Living with obesity - Complexity of Causal Factors

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Children living with obesity

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Weight stigma

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Further Reading

Further Information

Our Ambition

What we know matters and why

What matters?Why?
I understand the factors that can cause obesityRecognising that obesity is complex with many drivers including behaviour, environment, genetics and culture, means I can better understand what measures might work if I want to reduce my weight.
I can maintain a healthier weightUnderstanding what I can do achieve and maintain a healthy weight for me and my family gives us the best chance of success.
I have information on achieving a healthy weightInformation that reflects the complexity of obesity and takes a non-judgemental approach gives me the right tools to achieve healthy weight in the right way.

Guidance from professionals who role model healthy behaviour and peers with lived experience enables me to have greater trust in their advice and support.
I am treated as an individualTreating me, my carer and my family with dignity and respect, recognising my culture, characteristics and life circumstances, means my care and support is inclusive, sensitive and responsive to my needs.

Support tailored to my physical and mental health needs improves my chances of achieving a healthy weight safely.
I am seen and heardRecognising the impact of weight bias and stigma on me means I am able to openly discuss the barriers I face and we can overcome them together.

How will things be different in Suffolk and North East Essex

We will co-produce a range of weight management support from tools to self-care, to community support, to specialist services.We will promote peer support for people who are, or have been, categorised as obese.
We will promote and support healthy home environments to people and families in a non-judgemental way.We will recognise the relationship between physical and mental health and obesity, and co-produce tailored support.
We will train the health and care workforce in the causes of obesity and available services, understanding weight bias and stigma, recognising disordered eating/dieting, and appropriate use of language.We will support people to maintain their health and wellbeing before, while waiting for, during and after treatment to help them stay well and recover well.
We will co-produce campaigns to tackle weight stigma in communities.

Case Studies – how we’re making progress across Suffolk & North East Essex

Publish your case study here

Publish your case study here

Publish your case study here

Relevant plans and strategies


NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board – Joint Forward Plan
Be Well


Ipswich and East Suffolk
Alliance Delivery Plan

North East Essex 
Alliance Delivery Plan

West  Suffolk
Alliance Delivery Plan

Last Updated on 19 February 2024

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