SNEE 5 Year Maternity Equity Plan

Priority 4b – Action on maternal mortality, morbidity and experience As an LMNS we work alongside the SNEE Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP), and work particularly closely with the 3 MVP chairs. The MVP are essential in hearing and feeding back the voice of the service users. They, alongside Healthwatch, are our coproduction colleagues. H E A L T H I N E Q U A L I T I E S - T H E R O L E O F E S N E F T M V P S ESNEFT MVPs support equity strategy priorities, by the development of working methods that ensure the voices of women and pregnant people from diverse backgrounds and demographics are embedded into the delivery, and coproduction of maternity services. E S N E F T M V P I M P R O V I N G A P R E S E N C E P E E R R E S E A R C H E R S The continuation of ESNEFT MVP attendance at health inequalities workstream meetings, with an understanding of establishing direct relationships with new maternity To develop a relationship with the new Maternity and Neonatal coproduction lead. Supporting and championing the integration of the service user voice into service development work. Continue to strengthen productive working relationships with local community groups such as P.H.O.E.B.E (Ipswich) a charity with a clear objective - To offer specialist advice, information, casework, advocacy, and support services to black and ethnic minority women and children. Currently, we have three MVP members representing BME communities - A workshop is currently in the planning stages designed to focus on needs, past experiences of care, and existing thoughts relating to maternity services. BME ambassador involvement with 15 steps visit (Ipswich site). ambassadors. Community venues Children's Centres Libraries Religious buildings Community centres To strengthen relationships with the local voluntary sector and widen networking opportunities through MVP presence at community-based establishments. S H A R I N G & L E A R N I N G To recruit 'peer researchers' within the MVPs to represent diverse areas of the community. We know that individuals communicate more honestly and openly with people they trust. ESNEFT MVPs to advertise and recruit peer researchers to build monthly focus groups. Monthly meets will provide the opportunity to share feedback and strengthen communication between service users, their MVP community, and subsequently the hospital trust at which they received maternity care. ESNEFT MVPs will ensure that all learning and experiences are shared with senior leaders and at the LMNS board, to ensure the voices of seldom heard communities are involved in coproduction at every level. WO R K I N P R O G R E S S C O L L A B O R A T I V E WO R K I N G ESNEFT MVPs will continue to research, and develop relationships with key community groups. Attending existing events to improve awareness and enhance communication opportunities between families and ESNEFT MVPs. We will continue to actively participate with the LMNS Health inequalities workstream, and begin to develop relationships with current maternity ambassadors. ESNEFT MATERNITY VOICES PARTNERSHIP North East Essex chair - Rachel Chilver Ipswich & East Suffolk chair - Mel Lewis The difference we hope to make Coproduction has to be the LMNS focus, and there is always more we can achieve. Building and extending relationships with our community partners, MVP and Healthwatch is central to our success. We are recruiting a LMNS coproduction lead who will ensure these relationship develop and link our coproduction work together. 18 | Suffolk and North East Essex Maternity Equity and Equality Narrative