NHS SNEEICS - Green Plan

The opportunity – what we can achieve Well-designed actions to promote adaptation can also reduce the negative health impacts of climate change.35 The World Health Organisation (WHO) outlines areas where health systems require climate resilience. Climate adaptation, environmental sustainability and four fundamental requirements for providing safe and quality care and link to our climate resilience.36 Why it matters As our planet warms, the number of extreme weather events triggered is increasing. This is leading to more frequent storms, extreme rainfall events and increasing heat episodes.37 Sea levels are rising and along with excess surface water both mean human infrastructure is at increased risk to flooding. Mental health cases increase 2-5 fold after flooding events. Heat episodes increase hospital admissions, particularly for those with respiratory conditions. If climate change remains unchecked, we will witness 2,000 extras deaths in the SE per year.4 Road access through extreme heat events is a potential issue in the future – roads melted during the heatwave of 2020.38 Building climate resilience into health and social care across the system between tertiary, primary and social care is complex. It benefits from a system-wide approach.39 Overall, the impact of climate change and our ability to adapt is clear - climate change places increased pressure on front line services, infrastructure and functions and impacts the most vulnerable in society disproportionately.4 Strategic objectives Build resilience by working with Local Resilience Forum partners to ensure our planning arrangements are complimentary and provide the best possible outcomes for our communities Build long-term climate adaptation planning into the Green Plan by 2025 Key activity Climate change placed on organisation risk registers. Surveillance on service continuity and preparedness for patient risks and health and wellbeing reviewed. Develop a sense of the infrastructure investment and action priorities needed to reduce identified risks including on digital infrastructure and overheating. Climate adaptation Source: WHO Guidance for climate resilient and environmentally sustainable health care facilities Climate resilience and environmental sustainability in health care facilities36 CAPACITY & Health workforce Energy health care waste Water, sanitation, hygiene and CLIMATE RESILIENCE CLIMATE RESILIENCE Health care facilities Healthy people Healthy environment ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY Infrastructure, technologies and products Building blocks of health systems Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System Green Plan | 18 Key Themes