NHS SNEEICS - Green Plan

The opportunity – what we can achieve Developing a faster, more efficient service that speeds up care pathways, reduces patient anxiety and embraces care closer to home that maximises health benefits and outcomes.40 Creating a digitally fairer society can support wellbeing and help to tackle inequality.41 We can build on remote and agile working and care that we developed during the COVID-19 pandemic.40 Increasing the switch to a circular economy – reducing resource consumption, ensuring longevity of digital equipment and ensuring all E-waste is re-used or recycled. 83% of laptop carbon is embodied within it i.e., from its manufacture. So, reducing digital waste saves money, raw materials and carbon.42 Strategic objectives To achieve a minimum of 25% initial outpatient appointments and 65% patient follow-ups digitally. Ensure we make targeted efforts to generate good habits to minimise society’s growing digital carbon footprint as we accelerate digital models of care and ways of working. To digitise, connect and transform services safely and securely to improve the outcomes, experiences, and safety of our citizens whilst reducing patient travel-related carbon emissions. To support the ICS digital strategy43 pillar of sustainable change through shared capabilities and pooled resources to improve care, healthy populations and carbon reductions. Why it matters Applied correctly, digital innovation can improve patient care and reduce carbon.44 Despite the digital opportunity, digitalisation also creates carbon from increased electricity needs, datacentres, accounting for 2% of the world’s energy needs,45 meaning we need to also be digitally efficient and use smart foundations. Digitalisation can create inequality for our patients if not managed correctly.46 50 million tonnes of electrical goods waste are generated a year globally.47 By 2040, the storage of digital data is expected to produce 14% of the world’s total carbon emissions,48 so, we need to develop good practice and digital habits to mitigate that impact now. Key activity Follow Digital Transformation ‘NHSX - what good looks’ like.40 Embrace the Greening Government ICT digital services strategy49 outputs to reduce carbon, waste, and cost, increase resilience, increase responsibility (by doing the right things), use digital as an enabler to increase transparency and collaboration and use it to increase accountability. Continue to seek innovative ways of digitally providing the appropriate care/self-care to individuals at their abode whilst, utilising our local learning Digital Health and Care in Suffolk and North East Essex46 Actively seek to exploit remote process automation to reduce inefficient and carbon generating activities e.g. mailing, leaflets and improve patient care pathways. Digital carbon challenge-related activity to reduce digital carbon impacts. Digital transformation Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System Green Plan | 19 Key Themes