NHS SNEEICS - Green Plan

What will success look like in 2025? • Hitting and exceeding our key performance indicators and targets. • Commonality of approach in terms of our language used, measurements and being more climate resilient as a system. • Embedded sustainability principles of carbon literacy, social value, the ‘circular economy’ and harnessing nature to improve health and wellbeing outcomes by our workforce. • Motivated staff and public participation and engagement. • Captured data to assess population health impacts and provide a carbon budget that directs and governs us to net zero carbon on our own emissions before the NHS target of 2040. Continuing our collaboration with our local authority partners to drive public sector net zero targets as quickly as possible that deliver real health benefits. Building on the ICB commitment as an organisation to be net zero on its own emission by 2030 as Co-signatories of the Suffolk Climate Emergency Plan. Supporting the wider NHS partners (Trusts) to achieve carbon reduction targets of 80% by 2030 (2 years ahead of the 2032 target)* *1990 baseline as outlined in NHS Delivering a net zero NHS Net Zero: Making Essex Carbon Neutral Essex Climate Action Commission OUR JOURNEY TO CARBON NEUTRALITY Suffolk’s public sector leaders have all set out and committed to pursue net zero strategies in our own organisations that respond to local, national and international evidence. Furthermore, we will all work together to support and guide our residents, communities and businesses to make the changes required to best set Suffolk on the path for carbon neutrality by 2030. The Suffolk Climate Emergency Plan Net Zero: Making Essex Carbon Neutral93 Suffolk-Climate-Emergency-Plan94 Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System Green Plan | 32 Our Actions