NHS SNEEICS - Green Plan

Green Plan Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System Air Pollution • Implement the air pollution hierarchy • Clean Air Day to raise awareness • Healthcare training on air pollution • Pollution hotspot data work Food and nutrition • Healthier low carbon diets • Reduce food waste • Local and seasonal food menus Estates and facilities • Make every kilowatt hour count – energy savings • Whole life carbon approaches • Renewable energy • Biophilic design with green spaces Workforce and system leadership • Awareness raising and sustainability training • Collaboration and partnership working • Transparent reporting • Listening to our communities Waste and the circular economy • Circular economy thinking • Waste avoidance, re-use, repair and recycle • Targeting single use plastics and food waste Travel and transport • Electric vehicle switches and infrastructure • Active travel infrastructure and activity • Mitigate supply chain impacts Climate adaptation • Planning resilience forum collaboration • Long term climate adaption planning • Climate change on risk registers Digital transformation • Digital carbon challenge – less email • Digital innovation on care pathways • Reduce digital waste and increase efficiencies Supply chain and procurement • 5Rs of sustainable procurement • Social value in all procurements • NHS Supply chain roadmap – engage suppliers Sustainable models of care • Personalised models of care • Care pathway innovation • Promote sustainable healthcare Medicines • Lower carbon medicines – inhaler and anaesthetic gas switches • Medical equipment re-use • Reduce waste and promote illness prevention Green spaces and biodiversity • Green space and biodiversity plans • Promote green space health and wellbeing benefits • Social prescribing and community hub developments Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System Green Plan | 5