ICS System Learning Event

Phanuel, brought the session to a close reflecting on the common themes that arose in the session: To achieve a Community Powered NHS it requires statutory partners to be accessible and open so that VCFSE organisations can reach and work in partnership with them As a system we need to explore how we can share information about, and with communities, with greater ease and ensure that information on Suffolk Info Link and Essex Map is kept up to date The challenges of short-term funding and some of the current commissioning processes are not conducive to achieving a Community Powered Approach Next Steps The ICS is currently progressing the development of the VCFSE Resilience Charter which outlines principles and ways of working between the statutory and VCFSE sectors. The Charter has brought partners from across the system together to identify new ways of working to build partnerships and collaboration which aligns to the values of the Community Powered Approach. The Resilience Charter is being presented to the The Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Partnership in June 2023 and if the principles are adopted and recommendations progressed, it paves the way for embedding a Community Powered NHS. The report by New Local ‘A Community-Powered NHS’ is available on the ‘New Local’ website at A Community-Powered NHS - New Local A Community Powered NHS | 4