Can Do Health & Care - Thinking Differently Together About Climate Change

Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System (ICS) 1. Introduction Online event Wednesday 29 September 2021 ‘Thinking Differently Together’ about… Climate Change The particular focus for NHS England and NHS Improvement in respect to the green agenda this year is a move to reduce the use of medicines, anaesthetic gases and inhalers that have a particular atmospheric impact. There is also some attention being given to travel and transport, intending to ensure that the fleet within the NHS and any lease cars are ultra-low emission vehicles, and that cycle to work schemes and alternative mechanisms of travel are properly established. For the region it has also been acknowledged that there is a desire to focus on waste in the supply chain; in particular, single-use plastics, looking at what can be done about the environmental impact of personal protective equipment, recognising the challenge of Covid. The NHS also still uses a large amount of paper, including non- recycled paper and there is a move to reduce the reliance on paper overall and eradicate the use of non-recycled paper. This is a great moment for our ICS to step up, with the whole NHS, locally, regionally and nationally, now aligning behind the environmental agenda and there is some great work already underway by system partners in the councils and across the voluntary sector. At the heart of our ICS is a focus on addressing inequality and this agenda is also intrinsically linked to inequality: The Health and Wellbeing board have discussed that poor communities often have poorer air quality. Sea levels are rising affecting those in some of our most deprived communities and impacting their mental health; air pollution and air quality contributing to in excess of 20,000 deaths per year; Heatwaves contributing to another 7,000 deaths per year. Professor Will Pope, ICS Independent Chair Adam Cayley, Regional Senior Responsible Officer for the Greener NHS programme Ed Garratt, Chief Executive of the Clinical Commissioning Groups across Suffolk and North East Essex 1 | Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System