Can Do Healthcare - Thinking Differently Together About Trauma Informed Care

world, manage your emotions and how hard it is to manage your emotional life and social life. It’s really important therefore, that we focus on the early years and good parenting, because these things are preventative. Public Health Wales did a study of 2500 people to investigate people with high levels of adversity - four or more adverse childhood experiences – to look at what were the things that predicted being well, and what were the things that might lead to people developing mental health issues. They found that people that reported high levels of childhood resilience factors – the main ones that stood out being having a trusted adult relationship and regular sports participation – people that reported those things were about half as likely to have a current mental illness. When asking about adult resilience factors they similarly found, people that reported high adult resilience factors were about half as likely to have a current mental health problem. Important factors were not being poor and having to deal with poverty every day, and a degree of community engagement and feeling like a part of something and that they have others around them that they could rely on. A recent study from the US looked at the factors that predict mental health in adult life and positive relational health that asked respondents to score how often as a child they: (1) felt able to talk to their family about feelings; (2) felt their family stood by them during difficult times; (3) enjoyed participating in community traditions; (4) felt a sense of belonging in high school (not including those who did not attend school or were home schooled); (5) felt supported by friends; (6) had at least 2 non-parent adults who took genuine interest in them; and (7) felt safe and protected by an adult in their home. They found there was a dose response relationship with positive mental health and positive relational health. This study gives proof that these are all things that need to be encouraged and supported. A programme of ACE screening has been introduced in California. Although Warren wouldn’t recommend introducing screening in the UK at present, he articulated that he would Source: Hughes, K, et al (2018), full report available here 13 | Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System