Can Do Healthcare - Thinking Differently Together About Trauma Informed Care

Q How long is the NSFT service funded for? A There is NHS England funding until March 2023 for the staff Covid support service, and whilst the internal offer has technically only been funded for a year there is no plan to terminate it, in fact it is continuing to grow the team of staff because it has been good for recruitment and retention of workforce. It has enabled the Trust to work with occupational health services and has led to approaches from neighbouring trusts to see if they would provide a support service for them. NSFT is also working with the acute trusts to look at developing trauma informed hospitals. This includes having input to the design of new build hospitals to ensure that they are trauma informed in their design. Q Is TRiM available to ‘bank’ staff? A Yes, bank staff can access too Q How do voluntary organisations carve out funds/space/resources to raise awareness/educate their practitioners? A Fiona Ellis, Survivors in Transition: VCSE organisations need to prioritise TiP the same as everyone else, it’s my belief that TiP will start be a pre requisite for funding / commissioning in a way that certain HR policies or protocols are now. The training that we’re undertaking is also available to the VCSE. Q Will you be making contact details for the staff support available after this session? A The email for both these services to selfrefer is Once we receive the referral we decide which service they best sit under, but essentially they get the exact same service. The helpline number is 0300 123 1335. 9. Questions and comments Please recognise the trauma being experienced by young people in schools, especially those with unmet educational needs. This accounts for most of our work. Commissioned partnerships need to be funded/resourced to support their staff to support service users! A TRiM programme is great asset in an organisation, and it would be great to see more NHS Trusts introducing it. Struggling to listen to good service for NSFT staff when young people are told after a suicide attempt to 'go private' because no service is available. So much admiration for the bravery of the survivors speaking. Thank you for sharing your stories. I feel really privileged and moved by all of you. In early childhood, ACES can affect the strive towards maturation and have a permanent impact on brain development. Medics don’t see correlation between trauma and ANY medical intervention- even dental - so survivors often don’t get investigations needed to stay well. We need to have better investment to support access to occupational health services. OH is a public health speciality and should be much more prevention focused. 21 | Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System