Can Do Health & Care Thinking Differently - November 2020

This has been an inspirational session and wonderful to see the energy in our PCNs and Alliances. We should also hear from the people and families who have received this new approach to understand their lived experience. We should be mature enough to self-organise ourselves now. We have developed a great platform to drive this work on - teams are so passionate, enthusiastic and ready for this change. Suggest the next step is to ‘level up’ across Alliances to move forward as one ICS. Inequalities have been brought to the fore - actions are required at every level, from governance/strategic to operational/delivery. Representation (in respect of the population we serve) in our workforce and at committee level, as well as addressing imbalances in design and outcomes. Such inspirational stories… what more support would the PCNs like and is there anything from an Acute perspective in addition to the support from the community teams and Integrated Neighbourhood Teams? Question and Answer session Q: W hat is the role and potential of specialisms and hospital-based services to support this work? • T here is definitely a role. We are looking already at how our diabetes specialists can work within our communities, how they access the outcome data, where we should place support, and how our diabetes service can be more responsive to trends and do things differently. We can extend this to other specialisms and to children who need high levels of support, for example the place-based work in North East Essex showed the importance of schools in young people’s mental health. Q: H ow can we (with consent) link not just datasets but individuals within our datasets, and change cohorts into mutually supporting communities? • T here could be a lot of opportunities to do this. We could draw on, for example, our mutual support model for foster families, or the activation of volunteers and communities locally, using data appropriately and with consent. • W e already link data on an individual basis, but to link people who could benefit from others’ similar experiences could be amazing, helping our communities to help each other. Q: W hat are the minimum building blocks to mainstream PHM across the ICS? Does each Alliance have them? If not, will we invest to move forward as One Team? • W e already have a lot of the infrastructure building blocks in place to lift information and make it accessible and useful. But they vary, so we need to identify which blocks are missing in each area, which exist in other areas of the ICS that could be adopted and adapted, and any remaining gaps. Over time the building blocks will evolve as our needs change. • B eing needs led and outcomes led is crucial to designing the data infrastructure and the connections we need. Building relationships and trust is vital. Much of the infrastructure is there, we need to galvanise ourselves to use it and to continually improve. This programme has helped us to lay the foundations for this work. • A big challenge will be populating the data warehouses and improving the quality of the data, which will take a lot of work by our partners. Q: I s there a PHM Champion Network to take the learning from this event and make it real on the ground across the ICS? • T he PHM programme is a national initiative with a great deal of networking through the NHS PHM Academy. We should also create a network locally with our own alumni to share tools and spread our news. We used a prospectus for practices to share the data sets so there was a clear ask and clear benefit in return. Support to do it safely helped too. Our staff in primary care can really benefit from the good feeling and true team that can be developed through this work it will really help wellbeing, retention and recruitment. 11 | Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System Maintaining our circle of Trust is crucial within our community and also with our public. Please commit to and share our ‘Digital Ethics Charter’ I’m desperate to carry on providing the data and analysis and keep the links!