Can Do Health & Care Thinking Differently - November 2020

6. Moving Forward Pam Donnelly, Chair, reflected that in a world where we really were ‘Thinking Differently Together’ we would truly be led by the needs of our population we serve. This means transforming our own sovereign organisations, whether by streamlining, pooling budgets, organising our workforce or aligning our strategies. We know this is really difficult, but it is very important that we work on it, and it is incredibly rewarding when we get it right. My world of Thinking Differently’ would be one where we lost our preoccupation with occupational form, structure and roles, and replaced it with a preoccupation about the needs of our communities particularly the most vulnerable for whom Covid has meant the gaps are becoming wider and deeper. Professor Will Pope, Independent Chair, Suffolk and North East Essex ICS, commented on the richness of the discussions during this inspirational event, and we now have the opportunity to really accelerate our progress in PHM: • W e have the technology and infrastructure, we now need the analysts to have the access and the authority to get the information and the data they need to create insights. • W e can identify trends to predict and so prevent the impacts of ill health, to help our workforce to plan and design in a flexible way, and to influence commissioning. • W e must continue to be outcome focused. • W e should build on the opportunity to develop at scale and to be sustainable. • W e must identify vulnerable populations to deliver better support services and to take forward our primary ambition to address health inequalities • W e have the opportunity to use PHM to deliver truly integrated care from system to place to person. • W e need to turn data into intelligence which we can use, and we need to keep it simple, to make change where we can, including small changes that can lead to larger gains. • W e can use PHM to leverage community assets and develop our aspirations to co-production to meet the unique needs of distinctive populations. • W e can enable a citizen-centric plan and a citizen- centric system. Together we can build on our learning so far and the momentum we have created, to work to embed population health management in all that we do. Go out and change the world, because we know that we can. Thinking Differently Together | 12