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Health Equality for Everyone

Achieving our primary of ambition of ‘Health Equality for Everyone’ means that we need to work together as partners to tackle the many health inequalities that we know our local communities face.

Dimensions of Health Inequalities

HE circles
There are a range of key programmes across the ICS which also underpin our commitment to enabling ‘Health Equality for Everyone’ including:

Anchor Institutions

Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Leadership

An Effective Treatment Pathway for Obesity 

System Learning from Covid 19

Health inequalities are the preventable, unfair and unjust differences in health status between groups, populations or individuals that arise from the unequal distribution of social, environmental and economic conditions within societies, which determine the risk of people getting ill, their ability to prevent sickness, or opportunities to take action and access treatment when ill health occurs. The diagram on the left of this page summarises the different dimensions of health inequalities.

We know that for some people in Suffolk and North East Essex there are still unfair and avoidable inequalities in their health and in their access to and experiences of health and care services. We also know that there are actions that can be taken on the social determinants of health which can reduce these health inequalities, for example education, employment and housing.

Determs of health
Thinking VERY Differently about Health Equality

We know that as an ICS if we are to address issues such as racism and inequality in health and care we need to listen and learn, change what we do and stand together. What this means is ‘Thinking VERY Differently’ in every part of our system and embracing difficult issues such as privilege, allyship, accountability and trust – which relate to all areas of inequality.

We have an established methodology for outcome based working embedded through regular online training to an increasing alumni of literally hundreds of local stakeholders across all sectors and a community of practice in outcome based approaches, co-production and asset based community development.

We will build on this work by co-producing with community and VCSE partners as part of the Public Health England ‘Health Equality Programme’ to develop an extended toolkit to this methodology and delivery of online training at scale to inspire local stakeholders from all sectors to be ‘Thinking VERY Differently Together’ about health equality. The key elements to this methodology are likely to comprise:

  • Thinking about whole population outcomes
  • Recognising privilege, the way that inequality can arise and it’s impact
  • The need to engage around inequalities as a novice
  • The practice of ‘allyship’ in health and care
  • Enabling health equality through accountability in frontline practice
  • Enabling health equality through collaboration, co-production and trusted relationships in local health and care systems.

We expect to make this new approach available to the system through a short training course from early 2021.

Last Updated on December 10, 2020

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