Suffolk & North East Essex Integrated Care System

Start With Why – An Overview

As an Integrated Care System we believe that if we are going to make a genuine difference to the health and care outcomes of the one million people that we serve then we need to “Start with Why?”. This outcome based approach lies at the heart of everything that we do.  It is about:
  • establishing a shared narrative that describes the health and wellbeing outcomes that we want for our whole population;
  • considering a broad range of both quantitative and qualitative indicators that can help us to understand what those outcomes means for different people, and where our local communities experience inequalities in health and care;
  • developing a deep understanding of the stories that lie behind those indicators and outcomes, learning from peoples lived experience;
  • identifying the benefits that people really need that will improve their experiences and outcomes;
  • ‘Thinking Differently Together’ about how as an Integrated Care System we can enable those benefits through collaboration, innovation and the wider determinants of health;
  • delivering effective integrated delivery programmes to local communities through our local Alliances, neighbourhood teams and Primary Care Networks.
Diagram – Suffolk and North East Essex ICS Outcome Based Approach (example)
start with why diagram

Last Updated on December 10, 2020

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Suffolk & North East Essex Integrated Care System
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