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The Core20PLUS Connectors programme is part of the support framework for progressing the goals of Core20PLUS5, a national NHS England and NHS Improvement approach to support the reduction of health inequalities at both a national and system level. The programme is being coordinated by South, Central and West (SCW) in partnership with the Health Inequalities Improvement team at NHS England.

The Connectors programme funds Integrated Care System (ICS) and place-based initiatives to recruit, mobilise and support influential community connectors to take practical action to improve health and reduce inequalities across the five clinical priorities outlined in the Core20PLUS5 approach.

Connectors are

“People who are part of those communities who are often not well supported by existing services, experience health inequalities, and then help change these services to support their community better”.

NHS England

In March 2022, Suffolk and North East Essex ICS was one of ten ICSs to be awarded approximately £74,000 over one year to actively enable links between grass roots black, Asian and ethnic minority community groups to coproduce projects around mental health, maternity by producing culturally appropriate advice, guidance and support.

With our delivery partner, African Families in the UK, we will be

  • Mapping the resources already available to local communities, building on existing asset mapping.
  • Listening to help uncover the complexities of the challenges communities face, and to develop culturally sensitive practice.
  • Co-producing outcomes and measures of success, recruitment, training and ongoing support.
  • Collaborating through an advisory group who can link Connectors to statutory and Voluntary, Community, Social Enterprise and Faith organisations.
  • Supporting Connectors through coaching, de-briefing and mutual support.
  • Enabling Connector’s voices to be heard within the system at all levels.
  • Innovating wherever we see opportunities to do things differently.

We will be working in partnership with our local Alliances, Primary Care Networks, neighbourhoods and the wider system to improve access for ethnic minority communities initially in Colchester and Tendring, and later widening our model across the ICS.

You can read more about the programme on SCW’s website here.

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

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