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System Assurance 

Why it’s important

The major role of an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) is to bring together a wide set of system partners to develop the strategy to address the broader health, public health and social care needs of the local population.

Creating a culture and environment in which we take a pro-active responsibility to develop our way of working to ensure that we have a supportive and collaborative approach, and assuring ourselves that work is progressing toward achieving the outcomes for people set out in our strategy, is an important one. It helps enable us to work together to tackle any issues and barriers that may be preventing the optimisation of these ends, which is an important step, and part of good governance.

There is a need to have a mechanism that also brings together any risks or issues that may be rising for the partner organisations, that may jeopardise the progress of the system in attaining outcomes for people. Having a framework for system assurance allows us to set out the mechanism by which assurance is provided, in the context of the purpose of integrated care systems, as outlined by NHS England.

How we are Developing Our System Assurance

Our System Assurance Framework is therefore based around the headings that describe the purpose of Integrated Care Ssystems. This purpose is defined as “to bring partner organisations together to:

  • improve outcomes in population health and healthcare
  • tackle inequalities in outcomes, experience, and access
  • enhance productivity and value for money.
  • help the NHS support broader social and economic development.”

It is important that as a system we can be assured that there is progress on delivering the outcomes for people set out in our system strategy.  We do this whilst recognising that monitoring progress on the delivery of the actions that enable the benefits for people that collectively change outcomes, will be being addressed by the organisations responsible for the commissioning, and for the delivery, of actions, through their own assurance processes.

Our system assurance work does not, and should not, duplicate the organisational assurance for system partners, but aims to complement it and to focus on the items where there is significant overlap that requires a system approach and solutions. We are developing a process to act as a level of oversight on areas of risk that affect the ability of the system to deliver on strategic outcomes, and to facilitate conversations that may enable mutual support and the development of integrated solutions.

The work is formed of two parts:

The development of a suite of dashboards that provide an overview of measures and activity related to each of the four purposes; and

A longer-term piece of development work with partners to identify system risks, and develop a framework for working together to identify mitigations, and actions.

Last Updated on 2 July 2024

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