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Provider Collaboratives

Provider collaboratives are designed to strengthen and support the local partnership working that will be essential as the NHS rebuilds from the COVID-19 pandemic. NHS leaders already know the areas where collaboration will improve health inequalities, or look to improve health outcomes, but the agreed priorities must genuinely reflect all views of the partners that form the collaborative

Acute Provider Collaborative

In practice there is a history of clinical collaborations already in place between the two Foundation Trusts in Suffolk and North East Essex well before the emergence of Integrated Care Systems or the more immediate pressures on the NHS from the pandemic response.  West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust has a stated vision “to deliver the best quality and safest care for our community”. Likewise the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust vision is “to provide the communities we serve with excellent healthcare and build a better future for east Suffolk and north Essex”.

 Each of the NHS Foundation Trusts recognise they will not be able to meet the challenges of recovering from the pandemic alone, and have an opportunity to build on the successful collaborations that they established in response to Covid19. They are exploring three key elements that are recognised as inter-dependent within the Suffolk and North East Essex ICS:

  • Elective services recovery.
  • Cancer services.
  • The West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust Future Systems Programme

These are being considered in the wider strategic context of:

  • Demand and capacity for clinical services across Suffolk and North East Essex ICS.
  • The nature of both Trusts as integrated organisations delivering Community Services in ways that extend their capability for delivery of clinical services in community settings.
  • The need for an integrated and sustainable clinical services strategy at both organisational and ICS system levels.

Mental Health Collaborative

There is in place a Mental Health Collaborative across the East of England which commenced in July 2021 and has Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust as part members. The Mental Health Collaborative has delegated commissioning responsibility for a number of services including CAMHS Tier Four and Specialist Eating Disorders. The Collaborative is exploring what additional services it can take on from NHS England including specialist perinatal services.

In Suffolk, there are plans to develop a Mental Health Collaborative which brings together our mental health provider, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, with wider partners including our acute trusts, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, Suffolk County Council, Suffolk GP Federation and VCSEF organisations. The Collaborative will be accountable to the two Suffolk Alliances and be responsible for the ongoing delivery of the ten year Mental Health Strategy.

In North East Essex, we are working with our neighbouring systems – Mid and South Essex ICS and Hertfordshire and West Essex ICS – alongside Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust and the three upper tier local authorities covering Essex to review out Mental Health Strategy and also explore the opportunities around the development of a Mental Health Collaborative

Relevant plans and strategies


NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board
Joint Forward Plan

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