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Working in Place based Alliances


Our three Alliances are local ‘place-based’ systems of care that involve multiple partnerships, including NHS organisations and the local government, working together to provide integrated care across organisational boundaries to improve the health and wellbeing of their populations.

In Suffolk and North East Essex ICS there are three Alliances in ‘North East Essex’, ‘West Suffolk’ and ‘Ipswich and East Suffolk’. Each is defined by the footprint of local health and care partners as well as natural geography, developing differently according to local circumstances. As in neighbourhoods, Alliances need to act as a three- dimensional model interpreting need in many ways. Our Alliances provide the focus for planning and delivering meaningful integrated care and services to the local population with partners working closely with the voluntary and community sector, independent sector organisations and communities.

Each Alliance is responsible for the coordination, planning and delivery of primary medical care, community services, integrated services and personalised care with the place area. Place based partnerships understand and work with communities, join up and coordinate services around people people’s needs, address social and economic factors that influence health and wellbeing and support quality and sustainability of local services.  Each Alliance will deliver much of this through the localities which make up each Alliance and the integrated locality and neighbourhood teams which support each locality.

Alliances provide the focus for:

  • System and service transformation across sectors
  • Securing and delivering integration
  • Ensuring clinical engagement
  • Relationship development and management
  • Ensuring the principles of good system governance are embedded
  • Reducing health and social inequalities across each Alliance
  • Producing and resourcing a detailed plan to deliver the overarching ICP strategy
  • Ensuring public involvement in the planning, development, design, priority setting and decisions
  • Demonstrating accountability to Alliance members, local people, stakeholders, and regulators
  • Ensuring continuous improvement and innovation in the quality and delivery of services
  • Ensuring the delivery of high quality, safe and caring services
  • Ensuring good financial management, financial governance and value for money

Relevant plans and strategies


NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board
Joint Forward Plan
Working Together

Last Updated on 17 January 2024

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